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Music Directing: Lykken "Sacred Monster" at Columbia City Theater in Seattle WA

Fri, Jan 26, 2018 / 7pm doors - 8pm show

From New York City's alt-cabaret scene, Lykken brings his queer brand of comedy and outrageous parody, as well as his interpretations of songs ranging from Broadway, R&B, Jazz, and Tin Pan Alley to Seattle in "Sacred Monster!". A Seattle native, Lykken takes his audiences on a hyper-emotional journey of song, eyelash, and pizzazz filtered through the soul of an often heartbroken, but never bitter, sequined songstress whose eccentricities and self-destructive behavior are overshadowed by an all-consuming need to please the faithful masses.

"Lykken offers up an intense, eclectic show, a big elastic voice that borrows on the sounds and styling of great divas but remains his own." Liz Smith and Denis Ferrara- New York Social Diary

"This is not drag, nor is it cabaret style; it is something else all together. Lykken is simply himself - or at least, who he presents himself to be on stage. His singing voice often operates in that gender-neutral range, evoking memories of Tallulah Bankhead and Eartha Kitt, but he's able to adjust the vocal style from Broadway belt to rock and roll growl. He can even croon a standard with intense feeling." -Bart Greenberg- Nitelife Exchange Musical Director- Yasuhiko Fukuoka

$15 adv - $20 door

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