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Hello CYCNY percussion members!

Here's a step by step direction on how to record your video.

1) Download the demo songs here (or you can play by clicking on the media player below:


We will play along with the track while record the video. There are 4 measures of empty bars (8 clicks) before the piece begins. (You'll hear some parts of Marimba as a guide.) Try playing along with the track a few times to get a feel for it.

00:00 / 04:24

2) Things you need:

  • a camera  (a phone camera is perfectly fine. Use the back camera for a better quality video)

  • a device to play the demo track (another phone or a computer)

  • a pair of headphones

Choose a well-lit and quiet place (no AC or dishwasher noise, please). For percussion players: place your camera 3-4 (or even 5-6 ) feet away from you so the recording doesn't get too loud and distorted.

3)  Set the camera, plug headphones in the play back device, and record!

Place the camera HORIZONTALLY. When you are ready to record, start the camera first, position yourself comfortably, put on the headphone, then play the track (through the headphones) and record. Many professional recording musicians take one side of the headphones off so they can hear themselves better. This is up to you. After you are done playing the song, stay still for a few seconds (for video editing purposes.)Make sure you are only recording your playing, NOT the tempo demo track. (The track should be playing ONLY though the headphones.) Don't forget the dynamics etc - pretend you are playing with other people in the orchestra! 

When you are done recording, please name the file as "[song title]_[your instrument]_[your name]". (eg. Jesu_Violin_JohnSmith) and send the file via one of the following ways:

If you have questions, please feel free to email me at or call/text me at 617.669.1387. I'lll send you a confirmation email as soon as I see the file. Please keep your films until the final video is published just in case. Looking forward to seeing your videos!

Yasuhiko (Yaz) Fukuoka

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